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The 20th annual session of the Arab Economic Forum will be held on May 10 and 11, 2012 at the Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut, Lebanon.

Organized by the Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal group with the cooperation of the Central Bank of Lebanon, the Association of Banks in Lebanon and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank, the 20th Arab Economic Forum is held under the patronage of the Prime Minister of Lebanon, H.E. Najib Mikati.

This year’s Forum takes place against the background of ongoing historic political change in the Arab world, with “Arab Spring” countries moving steadily ahead in establishing free democratic systems and revitalizing their economies while others continue to face troubling and in some cases violent conditions as they seek to emerge from the process of transition successfully and with the least possible cost.

Thus, the agenda of the Forum will focus on the following major issues and topics:

  • Economic and political conditions in the Arab world more than a year after of the beginning of the “Arab spring” and near term prospects.
  • Impact of regional political upheavals on economic growth, stability and the progress of economic reform.
  • Requirements and priorities for establishing new economic structures that meet the aspiration of the Arab people for jobs, higher living standards, equality and accountability.
  • The main engines of economic growth in the region, and how to exploit them within the new conditions.
  • The future of Arab economic cooperation and prospects for making it more effective, and developing the position of the Arab world in the world economy.
  • Importance of the financial sector in promoting future Arab economic growth.
  • Learning from the lessons of transitions in other countries and regions.

As has always been the case throughout its long history, The 2012 Arab Economic Forum is expected to attract wide and high level attendance by prime ministers, ministers and top government officials from many Arab countries, business, finance and investment leaders from the Arab world and the wider region, regional and international development and finance institutions, experts in various fields, the Arab and international media and other interested parties. As such, the forum will provide an effective platform for dialogue and discussion on many issues of the hour on an Arab and international level.

Arab Economic Forum concluded its work in Beirut May 11th, 2012
The Arab Economic Forum resumed its work for the 2nd day with a first panel titled “Role of the Banking sector in supporting the development in the regional countries”. This Panel was moderated by Dr. Makram Sader, Secretary General, As ...
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H.E Najib Mikati, President of the Council of Ministers inaugurates the 20th edition of the “Arab Economic Forum” May 10th, 2012
Prime Minister of Lebanon H.E. Najib Mikati inaugurated the 20th edition of the "Arab Economic Forum", which was launched this morning at the Phoenicia Hotel - Beirut and attended by over 600 participants from 21: MPs, diplomats, business l ...
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