The 10th Arab Telecom & Internet Forum
02 - 03 Jun 2011
Beirut - Lebanon

ATIF2011 is being held in its 10th round at Habtour Grand Hotel, Beirut on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2011. The forum is discussing the nature and opportunities of modern telecom business models and analyzing developments occurring in the fields that are witnessing changes including the investment field, broadband development, regulators’ role, needs of the modern digital consumer, digital security and other issues.

The Arab Telecom and Internet Forum publishes recommendations and conclusions. Jun 21st, 2011
The telecommunication sector is at a major crossroad, as it witnesses a phase of fierce competition and saturation of amongst available services. Therefore, Arab telecommunication groups are to perceiver in their plans for expanding tow ...
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The Arab Telecom and Internet Forum concludes its activities in Beirut Jun 4th, 2011
The forum, in its second day of activities focused on relative topics to the sector, with the morning session mainly focusing on defining future challenges and opportunities of Arab telecom industry and discussed the consolidations & growth ...
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