The 2nd New Arab Woman Forum
23 - 24 Oct 2008
Beirut - Lebanon

H.E. Dr. Tarek Metri, Minister of Information, Lebanon
H.E. Dr. Mitri is the Minister of Information in Lebanon. H.E. was previously the Minister of Culture, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Environment and Minister of Administrative Reform. H.E. was also a Professor at the Saint Joseph University and Balamand University in Beirut and at the University of Geneva and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris. H.E. Dr. Mitri holds a Doctorate in Political Science from the University of Paris and a degree in Chemistry and Philosophy from the American University in Beirut.
H.E. Mr. Tammam Salam, Minister of Culture, Lebanon
H.E. Salam is the Minister of Culture in Lebanon. H.E. is also the Head of the Islamic Charitable Society and Head of Saeb Salam Foundation for Culture and Higher Education. H.E. was previously Deputy in the Parliament. H.E. Salam holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from England.
H.E. Mrs. Bahia Hariri, Minister of Higher Education, Lebanon
H.E. Hariri is the Minister of Higher Education in Lebanon. H.E. is also the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Education and Culture Committee of Lebanon. H.E. is also Deputy of the Lebanese Parliament, Ambassador of Goodwill to the UNESCO and member of the Advisory Committee on Women in the Islamic Development Bank. H.E. Hariri holds a degree in Education from the Lebanese University.
H.E. Mrs. Fadela Amara, Urban Affairs Minister, France
H.E. Mrs. Amara is the Urban Affairs Minister in France. She is also a politician and was the president of the association “Ni Putes Ni Soumises”. She is the founder and member of several women and social associations and committees in France. She worked previously as a Secretary of State for Urban Policy.
H.E. Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, C.E.O, The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy- MIFTAH, Palestine
H.E. Ashrawi is the Chairperson of the Executive Committee of The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy- MIFTAH. She is also a Member of the PLC, PNC and Central Council. H.E. was the Minister of Higher Education and Research, the Leader in the first intifada and the spokeswoman of the Palestinian Authority. H.E. was elected to represent the Palestinian Liberation Organization in the Middle East peace talks in Madrid. H.E. was also the Head of the Palestinian delegation to the PLO in Washington and Head of the Palestinian Independent Commission for Civil Rights. H.E. was also selected for a seat on the Palestinian Council representing East Jerusalem. H.E. holds a PhD in Medieval and Comparative Literature from the University of Virginia in the United States of America and holds a Master’s degree in Renaissance Literature and Textual Criticism from the American University in Beirut. H.E. also holds several Honorary degrees and service Awards.
H.E. Dr. Jihad Azour, Former Minister of Finance, Lebanon
H.E. is the Former Minister of Finance in Lebanon. H.E. previously was Consultant for IMF and Booz Allen and Hamilton and a Professor at AUB, Lebanon. He was appointed Director of UNDP & WB project at Ministry of Finance, Lebanon. H.E. holds a PhD in International Finance-high honors from Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris and a Master’s degree in Applied Economics from Université de Paris IX.
H.E. Dr. Ruwaida Al-Maaita , Senator- Member of the Upper Parliament, Jordan
H.E. Al-Ma’aitah is a Senator, Member of the Upper Parliament in Jordan. H.E. is also the Consultant for Her Royal Highness Princess Muna El-Hussein for Health and Social Development and Member at several Committees and Organizations. H.E. was previously the Minister of Government Performance, Minister of Social Development and President of the Hashemite University. H.E. received the “Shouman Award for Young Arab Scientists” in the field of Medical Science. H.E. Al-Ma’aitah holds a PhD in Public Health from Tulane University, USA and Post Doctoral Fellowship on Administration of Health System from Louisiana State University, USA.
H.E. Dr. Sandra Cioffi, Member of the Italian Parliament XV Legislature
Dr. Cioffi is the President of the Network “Women, Media Enterprise”. She is also the President of Economic and Cultural Cooperation between Italy and Indonesia and the Founding Member of the Italian Association for Communication and the Public Relations Federation Italiana. She previously was a Member of the Italian Parliament, Mayor of the Municipality of Naples and a Member at several Committees. Dr. Cioffi was awarded a degree in Law with honors from University if Naples and holds a Master’s degree in Business Communication.
Mrs. Hanna Srour, Director of the Department of Women Affairs at the General Secretariat, the League of Arab States, Egypt
Mrs. Sorour is the Director of the Department of Women Affairs at the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States. She is also the President of the Technical Secretariat of the Arab Women Committee and the Head of the organizing Committee for the Arab Media Competition launched by the Arab League. She is a Member of the Foreign Relations Committee at the National Council for Women and Member at the judging committee of the media works competition organized by Association for the Development & Enhancement of Women, Egypt. Mrs. Sorour has prepared several researches and reports on the Status of Women in the Arab countries.
Dr. Afnan Al Shuaibi, Secretary General and Chief Executive, Arab-British Chamber of Commerce, United Kingdom
Dr. Al-Shuaiby is the Secretary General and Chief Executive of the Joint Arab-British Chamber of Commerce. She is an Executive Board Member of the Friends of Saudi Arabia in Washington and the Committee for the Development of International Trade of the Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry. She was previously a Director of Government Affairs and Business Development at Qorvis Communications and Assistant Advisor to the Abu Dhabi Investment Agency in Washington. Dr. Al-Shuaiby holds a PhD in Leadership Administration from the George Washington University and a Master’s degree of Art in Educational Administration from the American University in Washington.
Ms. Sihem Habchi, President, Association (Ni putes Ni soumises), France

Mr. Georges Kurdahi, T.V. Presenter, Lebanon
Mr. Kordahi is a well-known and highly respected media practitioner and was chosen as the Presenter of "Who Want to Be a Millionaire" on MBC satellite channel. He was a reporter at the Lebanese newspaper "Lisan Al Hal”, a reporter and news presenter in Lebanon TV and then became the Editor-in-Chief of Radio Monte Carlo. He also headed the news department of Radio Al Shark. He was previously the General Manager of MBC FM radio station and presented a program called “Eftah Albak” on one of the Arab TV stations and “Al Tahadi” on MBC1. He received the Murex D’or award for Best Media Practitioner in the Arab World for the year 2007, and he was honored by several Arab countries around the region. Mr. Kordahi holds a degree in Political Science from a prestigious institution in Lebanon. He also pursued his passion for media by taking diploma courses on the subject.
Mr. Mazen Hayek, Group Director of Marketing, PR and Commercial, MBC Group Dubai
Mr. Hayek is the Group Director of Marketing, PR and Commercial at MBC Group Dubai. A multi-year practitioner of the Middle East communications industry, Mr. Hayek brings wide-ranging expertise across the marketing and communications sectors. He is primarily entrusted with the role of building a strong and trusted MBC Group portfolio of Brands – one that embodies the Middle East region’s leading TV, Radios and New Media. Mr. Hayek was previously the Managing Director of Manning Selvage & Lee Public Relations (MS&L/Dubai), an entity of the Leo Burnett Group of Companies in the MENA region.
Mrs. Carmen Lebbos , Actress, Lebanon 
Ms. Lebbos is one of the most famous Lebanese Actresses. She started her journey with the greatest professors such as Yacoub Chedrawy and Ziad Rahbani. She is a Board Member of the Actors Syndicate and has received the Best Lebanese Actress Award. She also holds a certificate of appreciation for the movie “A Hero from the South”. She has also participated in several plays and movies in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, France and Sweden. Ms. Lebbos performed in many TV series, most important: “Passionate Women”, “Days of Rage”, “Her Name is No”, “Teacher’s Daughter” and “Autumn’s Rose”.
Mrs. Randa Asmar, Actress, Lebanon
Ms. Asmar is one of the most eminent Lebanese theatrical figures. She played many leading roles under the direction of the most famous theater directors in the Arab world like Raymond Jbara, Jawad Al-Assadi, Nidal Al-Achkar, Chakib Khoury, Joseph Bou Nassar, Mounir Abou Debs, Gabriel Yammine and Nabil Al-Azan. She participated in a number of festivals and tours in Arab and European countries and won many prizes for some of her theater roles. She also played major roles in many TV series among which are “The Storm blows twice”, “Women in the storm”, “Let bygones be bygones”, “Guilty but”, "Majnun Layla", “You have the solution” and lately "Gibran Khalil Gibran". Ms. Asmar took part in many motion pictures such as “Martyrs” and “Paper Kite”, winner of the silver palm in the Festival of Venetia. She is an Actress graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Lebanese University- Theater Section.
Dr. Thuraya Al-Arrayed , Poet, Writer, Journalist, President of the Saudi Association for Media and Communication, Dammam.
Dr. Al-Arrayed is the President of the Saudi Association for Media and Communication, Dammam. She is also a Member at the Committee for the Development of International Trade, Consulting Committee for the Arab Thought Foundation, Saudi Culture and Arts Association, Saudi Friends Society, International Public Relations Association, International Association of Human Resources Development, SOL and Consulting Committee for Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Fund for the support of women small projects. She has specialized participation at several Arab and Regional conferences concerned in development in the Arab region. Dr. Al-Arrayed holds a PhD in Educational Planning and Management from North Carolina University. She obtained the Scientific Excellence Award in Bahrain, “B Bodi” Award, “BEO” Award and “Altroza” Award for Academic Excellence in USA.
Mr. Zahi Wehbe, Poet and T.V. Presenter, Lebanon
Mr. Wehbi is one of the most influential media personalities in the Arab world. He is a Journalist on Future TV and a Member of the Consulative Authority of Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists. He became a politician, a poet and a TV host for two shows on Future TV “Khaleek Bel Beit” and “Ahla Al Nas”. Mr. Wehbi was previously a Poetry Reader at Voice of the National Resistance Radio.
Mrs. Inas Al Degheidy , Director, Egypt
Mrs. El Deghedy is considered the most important Arab female director at the time being. She directed fourteen feature films and obtained several prizes in Egypt for the majority of her work. She was previously a Jury Member at the Cairo International and Carthage Festival. Mrs. EL Deghedy graduated from the Cinema High Institute in Egypt.
Dr. Shehadi, Chairman and CEO, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Lebanon
Dr. Shehadi is the Chairman and CEO of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. He previously was the Managing Director of Connexus Consulting, Lebanon and served on the Board of Directors of the Lebanese Businessmen’s Association and the Lebanese Transparency Association. He was also the Senior Advisor on privatization to the Minister of Economy and Trade, Lebanon and the Consultant to a number of various international organizations including the World Bank and the European Commission. Dr. Shehadi holds a B.A. with honors in economics from Harvard University and a PhD in international political economy from Columbia University. He was awarded a number of academic distinctions.
Ms. Aisha Ibrahim Sultan Khalifa, Head of Political Programs, Dubai TV, UAE
Mrs. Khalifa is the Manager of the Political Platforms at Dubai Media Incorporated. She is a Founding Member at the Journalists Association, UAE and at the Emirates Association for Human Rights. She was previously the Head of Culture Division at Al Bayan and has 14 years of experience in Education. She received the Trym Imran Press Award and Middle East Award for best Journalist. Mrs. Khalifa holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Emirates University.
Prof. Marie-Thérèse Khair Badawi Psychoanalyst, Full Professor and Director of Research, USJ- Lebanon
Prof. Marie-Therese is a Psychoanalyst and a Full Professor and Director of Research at the University Of Saint Joseph Of Beirut. She is also a Member of the Paris Psychoanalytic Society and the International Psychoanalytical Association, and a Founding and active Member of several other associations. She intervened in various conferences and universities in Lebanon and abroad (France, Belgium, Switzerland, United States, Britain, Canada, Cyprus, Tunisia, Turkey ...) and is the author of several publications. Her doctoral thesis published by L'Harmattan in Paris under the title "The Amputated Desire" is considered the first reliable research on women's sexuality in the Middle East.
Mr. Ramsay Najjar, CEO and Owner, S2C, Lebanon
Mr. Najjar is the Founder and Chairman of the Strategic Communication Consultancy S2C. He is also the Founder of Saatchi & Saatchi Levant, Chairman of Rouge Inc., Chairman of the Marketing Department and Member of the Board at the School of Advertising of the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA). He was previously the President of the International Advertising Association, Lebanon Chapter and the President of the SLAA. He has written several books, among which are “Arab Philosophy Through History” and “So That God Comes Back to Lebanon”. Mr. Najjar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Education from the American University of Beirut and a Master’s degree in Media and Communication.
Ms. Hibaaq Osman, Founder and Chair of V-Day Karama and Arab Women's Fund; Senior Fellow at the James McGregor Burns Academy of Leadership, University of Maryland, USA
Ms. Hibaaq Osman has been at the helm of women¹s rights initiatives that span from Africa to Asia. Building institutions to promote peace, democracy, and human rights around the world, Ms. Osman has created a life's work of promoting African and Arab women¹s leadership development. Currently, she is the Founder and Chairwoman of Cairo-based Karama, a nascent movement which since 2005 has brought together local activists from nine countries in the region, building national and regional networks and amplifying Arab women's voices on the international stage.
Mrs. Hanan Saab, Founder and Managing Director of Pharmamed & Vice President of the Lebanese League for Women in Business, Lebanon
Mrs. Saab is the Founder and Managing Director of Pharmamed and the Vice President of the Lebanese League for Women in Business and the Executive for Lebanon Hub in the MENA Business Women Network. She is also the Chairman of the Association’s Relations and Welfare Committee, Founding Member of ISC Alumni, Member of MEET US Alumni, and Member of the Lebanese Order of Pharmacy. She participated in a number of workshops organized by the MEPI, was a speaker in a number of conferences on Women Entrepreneurship in the MENA region and has been featured in the Financial Times as a role model of women in the MENA region. Mrs. Saab holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy with distinction from the American University if Beirut and was awarded the venerated Penrose Ward.
Mrs. Nadine Hany, T.V. Presenter, Al Arabiya News Channel, UAE
Mrs. Hani is an anchor for Al Arabiya News Channel based in Dubai, where she presents and co-produces the financial news programs "Al Aswaq Al Arabiya". She has interviewed some of the most influential decision makers in the Arab business world, and internationally and has done investigative reports from major Arab cities especially Riyadh. She has also covered and reported from major international events and conferences and is often asked to moderate high profile conferences such as the panels at the World Economic Forum, and the "Leaders in Dubai". She was previously a Private Bank Consultant at ABN Amro and BNP Paribas, Business News Anchor at CNBC Arabiya in Dubai and Presenter of daily summary business news at MTV in Lebanon. Mrs. Hani is a Procter & Gamble scholarship winner and holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the American University of Beirut.
Dr. Elisabet Engellau, Adjunct Clinical Professor of Management at INSEAD, Singapore
Dr. Engellau is the Adjunct Clinical Professor of Management at INSEAD. She is an affiliate Professor at McGill University, Faculty of Management, a teaching fellow at Harvard University and Concordia University in Montreal, independent Consultant, and Member at several organizations. She produced and directed a number of video films for management education and held management positions at the Royal Opera of Stockholm, the Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm, and Malmö Municipal Theatre. Dr. Engellau holds a PhD in Communications and Management from McGill University and an MA in Art, History, Literature and Anthropology from Uppsala University.
Ms. Joelle Mardinian, Middle East TV presenter and make-up artist, MBC, UAE
Ms. Mardinian is a Middle East TV presenter and make-up artist at MBC, U.A.E. Born in Beirut to an Italian/Syrian mother who is also a professional make-up artist; Joelle has a deep understanding of make-up in her genes. She worked with many famous stars for “Sony Records” on Photo shoots, Video clips and Concerts. Joelle moved to Dubai to work for MBC as a professional stylist and make-up artist in her own show “Ma3 Joelle Ahla”.
Mr. Saad Abou-Chacra, Founder &; Chairman, Edugates International, UAE
Mr. Abou-Chakra is the Founding Chairman of EDUGATES. He has 32 years of experience in International Education and world systems of education. He is also an expert on K-12 international education and has established ten successful international schools in the Middle East and the Gulf. Mr. Abou Chakra holds a degree in Physics and Education from the American University of Beirut.
Mrs. Sarah Al Jassem , Chairman, Kyanat International Holding, Kuwait;
Mrs. Al Jassem is the Chairman and Managing Director of Kyanat International Holding Company. She is also the Chief Executive Officer of Integra Holding Company, Partner and General Manager of SCA International Co, Partner and General Manager of Arab Contractors Company and General Manager at Ali Khalifa Al Jassem Sons & Co. She is a Board Member at the Council of Arab Business Women and the Organization of Arab Leaders. She was previously the Deputy General Manager of the International Eastern Company. Mrs. Al Jassem holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from University of Kuwait and a Diploma in Business Administration from San Diego University in USA.
Mrs. Kaltham Al Koheji, Regional Head of Communications & Sustainability, HSBC Bank Middle East Limited
Mrs. Koheji is the Regional Head of Communications and Sustainability at HSBC Bank Middle East Limited in UAE. She was previously the Training Executive in the Regional Training Centre and the Human Resources Manager at HSBC. Prior to joining the Bank, Mrs. Kaltham worked and lived in eleven different countries in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.
Ms. Sherri Erickson, Global Manager, Genuine Software Initiative (GSI), Microsoft Corporation, USA
Mrs. Erickson is the Global Manager, Genuine Software Initiative, at Microsoft Corporation. She was previously the Anti-Piracy Marketing Manager at Microsoft and Sales and Marketing veteran in the US Division of the Crown Packaging Group. She was also the President of the Direct Marketing Association Seattle Chapter and served on the Board of Directors of the Seattle Art Museum’s Metropolitan Guild. Ms. Erickson holds a degree in Radio/TV from the University of Washington and a Mastery graduate of Context Associated.
Ms. Rania Mattar, HP PSG Country Manager for Egypt and Levant
Mrs. Mattar is the Country Manager for Egypt and Levant for HP Personal Systems Group. She has over ten years experience in the technology industry. She was previously the Account Manager for Imaging and Printing Group in Egypt, Regional Sales Manager at Western Digital, Channel Sales Manager at Intel and Country Manager at Redington. Mrs. Mattar holds a Bachelor’s degree of Electronic and Communication Engineering and a degree in Engineering from Ain Shams University in Egypt. <;/td>
Mrs. Jacqueline F. Beauchere, Director, Communications and Marketing, Audience Marketing – Trustworthy Computing, Microsoft Corporation, USA
Mrs. Beauchere is the Director of Communications and Marketing, Audience Marketing – Trustworthy Computing, at Microsoft Corporation. She was previously the Director of Trustworthy Computing Strategy at Trustworthy Computing (TwC) and the Senior Marketing Manager at MSN Safety and Security. She was also an attorney in private practice in Newjersey, New York and Washington and a Correspondent and Editor with Reuters America, Inc in New York. Mrs. Beauchere holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Journalism from the American University in Washington and is a cum laude graduate of Seton Hall University School of Law in Newark.
Mrs. Rania Barghout , T.V. Presenter, MBC, United Kingdom
Mrs. Barghout is the Co-Presenter of “Kalam Nawaem”, the number 1 Talk show directed towards the Arab Woman for 5 yrs. She hosted, produced and presented several programs for different TV stations in addition to hosting live concerts and back stage interviews. She previously presented and produced “Ma Yatlubuhu Al Mushahidoun” this show won best entertainment show and best Arab presenter for 7 consecutive years. Mrs. Barghout Graduated from BUC with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts emphasis Radio/TV/Film.
Mrs. Katty Marmenout, Research Fellow, INSEAD, UAE
Ms. Marmenout is a Research Fellow at the INSEAD Abu Dhabi. She acquired extensive professional experience in management consulting with KPMG and CGEY and was a research assistant at the University of Geneva. Ms. Marmenout holds a MBA degree from Brussels University and is an advanced doctoral candidate in Organizational Behavior at McGill University.
Dr. Michel Jabre, Professor at the Institute of Fine Arts, USJ & at the Institute of Theatre and Audio-Visual Cinema Studies, Lebanon
Dr. Jabre is a Professor at the Institute of Fine Arts, USJ. He is also a Professor at the Institute of Theatre and Audio-Visual Cinema Studies and he is the Author and Producer of several stories and plays. Dr. Jabre holds a Master’s degree in Theatre Arts from the National Institute of Theatre Arts in Moscow and a degree in directing Theatre and Television.
Mr. Youssef Bazzi , Poet and Journalist, Lebanon
Mr. Bazzi is a writer and journalist based in Beirut and currently the editor in the Supplement to "windows" cultural weekly newspaper "the future". He is also a Reporter at the Babel Med website that deals with Mediterranean cultures. He was previously the Editor of cultural and arts section in the Itihad newspaper, Abu Dhabi, Head of the cultural section in Al Rai newspaper, Kuwait, Editor of study and culture at Al-Safir newspaper Beirut, and a member of the Editorial Board at the Critic magazine. Mr. Bazzi won “Yousif Al Khal” Award and has several poetic compositions.
Mrs. Juhaina Al Fardan, Senior Regional Manager, Employee Engagement & Diversity, HSBC Bank Middle East Limited, UAE
Mrs. Al Fardan is the Senior Regional Manager, Employee Engagement and Diversity at HSBC Bank. She worked in Emirates Bank (EB) and its subsidiaries and took on several management roles such as Investment Relationship Manager at Emirates Financial Services, Registrar Manager at the Shares Department in Emirates Bank International, Administration Manager at the Global Training Centre and Operations Manager at Network International (NI). Mrs. Al Fardan holds an AA degree (Hons-Magna Cum Laude) from Kirkwood Community College, USA, BA in Studio Art (Hons-Cum Laude) degree from the University of Dubuque, MBA in Employee Relations from the University of Leicester, UK and achieved a distinction in CPP through Chartered Institute of Personal Development.
Mrs. Esra’a Al Shafei, Director, Mideast Youth, Bahrain
Mrs. Al Shafei is the Executive Director of She is the Project Coordinator of a series of international initiatives having to do with minority rights, women, and freedom of expression. Mrs. Al Shafei received the Berkman Award from the Berkman Center of Internet and Society at Harvard Law School for "outstanding contributions to the internet and its impact on society. Google considers her programs to be intriguing and impressive.

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