The 2nd Oman Economic Forum  
Agenda & Presentations


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17:00-19:00 Registration of participants at Al Bandar Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel & Resort


08.00-09.00 Registration of participants at Al Bandar Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel, & Resort
09.00-10.00 Opening session
10.00-10.50 Keynote address and interactive open discussion with:
H.E. Ahmed Bin Abdulnabi Macki, Minister of National Economy and Deputy Chairman of the Financial Affairs and Energy Resources Council.
Moderator: Mr. Faysal Abou Zaki, Deputy General Manager, Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Group
10.50-11.15 Coffee & networking break

Session I: Developing Infrastructure

Investment in the infrastructure is a fundamental prerequisite for sustainable development and increased private investment. Accordingly, the continuous development of Oman’s infrastructure and the availability of investments for that purpose will be one determinant of the future growth of the economy. The session will discuss the following topics:
  • Vision and requirements for future infrastructure development in Oman.
  • Plans and projects in the transportation sectors (ports and airports) and in general public works.
  • Opportunities for private- public partnerships (PPP) in infrastructure development in Oman.
  • Water and power
Moderator: Mr. Faysal Abou Zaki, Deputy General Manager, Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Group
12.30-12.45 Keynote address: H.E. Hamood Bin Sangour Al-Zadjali, Executive President, Central Bank of Oman.
12.45-13.00 Keynote address: Dr. Henry Azzam, CEO, Middle East & North Africa, Deutsche Bank.
13.00-14.30 Lunch hosted by Bank of Beirut-Oman Branch at Al Bandar ballroom
Mr. Samir Sfeir, Chairman, Bank of Beirut

Panel II: Financing Needs and Role of Banks and Financial Markets

The global financial crisis led to a credit crunch due to a sharp rise in risk awareness on the part of banks and investors. While these conditions are starting to ease, Governments and the private sector have had to adopt new funding strategies. This panel will discuss the following topics:
  • Financing need of the next development plan.
  • Funding challenges in the post-crisis period.
  • Role of local and international banks.
  • Role of the government in bridging the funding gap.
  • Role of capital markets.
Keynote address: H.E. Yahya Bin Said Al-Jabri, Executive President, Capital Market Authority.
  • Mr. Abdel Kader Askalan, CEO, Oman Arab Bank.
  • Dr. Mohamed Abdulaziz Kalmoor, CEO, Bank Sohar
  • Mr. Ahmed Saleh Al-Marhoon, Director General, Muscat Securities Market.
  • Mr. Meshary Al-Judaimi, Investment Manager, Principal Investments Division, Gulf Investment Corporation.
  • Mr. Salaam Said Salim Al Shaksy, CEO, National Bank of Oman.
Moderator: Mr. Faysal Abou Zaki, Deputy General Manager, Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Group
16.00-16.10 Keynote address: Mr. Tevfik OZ, Chairman, Tefirom Group.
16.10-16.25 Coffee & networking break

Panel III: Future of Industrial Sector and Special Economic Zones in Oman

Oman’s economic diversification strategy emphasizes the development of coherent industrial clusters, particularly in basic downstream industries, as well as other industries that may benefit from the Sultanate’s position and comparative advantages in the region. The session will cover the following topics:
  • Industry role in promoting diversification.
  • Role of foreign investment in the development of the industry.
  • Investment opportunities in industry.
  • Opportunities in downstream.
  • Role of the special economic zones in attracting foreign investment and industrial development.
  • H.E. Eng. Ahmed Bin Hassan Al Dheeb, Undersecretary of ministry of commerce & industry
  • Mr. Jamal Aziz, Deputy CEO, Sohar Industrial Port Co.
  • Eng. Awadh Salim Al-Shanfari, CEO, Salalah Free Zone Company.
  • Mr. Nicholas Barakat, Managing director, Octal Holding & Co.
  • Mr. KS Ganabhathy, Head Project Finance, Bank Muscat
Moderator: Mr. Philip Stanton, Managing Partner, Ernst & young
20.30 Dinner hosted by Ministry of Commerce and Industry at Al Bustan Hotel - Majan ballroom

Day Two: 26 Monday April 2010

9:00-9:15 Morning coffee

Panel IV: Oman’s Energy Needs and Investment Opportunities in Renewable Energy.

Oman’s industrial development and the growth of industrial zones has led to rising demand for energy, against a background of declining oil production capacity and limited available gas. These topics, in addition to the Sultanate’s growing commitment to preserving the environment and reducing CO2 emissions will be the core of this session. Main topics include:
  • Latest regulation in the renewable energy sector.
  • Is nuclear energy another option being considered?
  • Investment opportunities in renewable energy sectors.
  • Oman strategy for renewable energy
  • Alternative energy and support mechanism.
  • Energy efficiency and incentives
  • Eng. Azhar Haroun Al-Kindi, CEO, Oman Environmental Services Holding Co.
  • Mr. Amjad Rihan, Director, Climate Change &. Sustainability Services at Ernst & Young Middle East
  • Mr. Ahmad Saleh Al-Jahdhami, Director of Privatization, & Restructuring, General Authority for Electricity and Water.
  • Mr. Gary Sigel, Partner, Southern Energy Partners.
  • Mr. George Sarraf, Partner, Booz &Co.
Moderator: Mr. John Cunneen, Executive Director & member, Authority for Electricity Regulation, Oman
10.55-11.10 Coffee & networking break

Panel V: The Investment Environment in Oman

In the last decade, Oman embarked on a reform program aimed at developing and diversifying the economy and promoting growth. In the coming period, growth will depend upon the Oman’s ability to attract and channel investment, and to use it effectively. The session will discuss the following topics:
  • The challenges of attracting capital required to finance a new generation of investments.
  • An evaluation of the investment and business climate in the Sultanate.
  • Reforms required to promote economic competitiveness and its capacity to attract foreign investments, with particular emphasis on the transfer of technology.
Moderator: H.E. Khalil Ben Abdullah Al-Khonji, Chairman, Oman Chamber of Commerce and industry.
  • Eng. Nisrine Ahmad Jaafar, Director General Investment Promotion, OCIPED
  • Mr. Saleh Bin Mohammad Al-Shanfari, CEO, Global Omani Investment Co.
  • Mr. Lo’ai Bataineh, Deputy General Manager, Investment and Development, Head of Investment Management Group, Oman Arab Bank
  • Mr. Mohammed H. AL-Theeb, CEO, ILS Oman.
  • Mr. Kenneth Macfarlane, Country Senior Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers.
12.25-13.00 Closing Session: An address on " Oman Strategy for Food Security" and open discussion by:
H.E. Maqbool Bin Ali Bin Sultan, Minister of Commerce and Industry
Moderator: Mr. Faysal Abou Zaki, Deputy General Manager, Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Group
13.00 Lunch hosted by Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Shangri-la Hotel & Resort
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