Mr. Nicolas Boukather

Mr. Nicolas Boukather

Lebanese Business Leaders Association

Nicolas Boukather is the Chairman of A.N.Boukather Holding with activities in Lebanon and the UAE into the fields of Mobility, real estate and agriculture. He is the president of RDCL, the business leaders association of Lebanon,member of the board of HEC Alumni-Paris and the Children cancer center of Lebanon. Nicolas is an alumni of Harvard business shcool, holds an Entrepreneurship Masters from HEC- Paris, a BA in Economics from the American University of Beirut, and a alumni of the college Notre Dame de Jamhour.

All Sessions by Mr. Nicolas Boukather

The 3rd Emigrants Economic Conference
11:45 - 12:45

PANEL II: The Crisis, Potential of Recovery and Reforms: An Emigrants Perspective

  • How do Emigrants See the Crisis?
  • How do Emigrants Envision the Potential of Economic, Monetary, and Banking Recovery?
  • Are Emigrants Ready to Start Mobilizing Long-Term Capital into Lebanon?
  • How can "Nudge" Theory be Applied in the Current Lebanese Context?