The Pitching Stage: “Lebanese Startups: A Catalyst for Change”

Lebanese Start-ups still offer a glimmer of hope in the midst of unprecedented economic crisis. More Start-Ups are transforming the current challenges into opportunities and succeeding in scaling up and going regional. An Accomplished group of Lebanese start-ups will pitch their visions to a selective number of emigrants investors where success and resilience will be matched up.


Cezar's Projects

Cezar’s Projects is a social enterprise established in 2017 in Shouf Mount Lebanon. 

It works on developing standard rural tourism operations and coordinates rural initiatives in a youthful innovative spirit.

It aspires to set an example in Lebanon for preserving local traditions, sustaining local talent, and providing youth and locals with job opportunities aligned with the region’s ecosystem and resources.

Cezar’s Projects currently owns and operates two main rural initiatives, Farmville Barouk, an agritourism project, and Cezar’s guesthouses in Barouk. In addition, it has formed partnerships with Maaser Donkey Farm, which offers educational farming packages and activities. It also partnered with Streeh guesthouse, owned by Lamia in Brih village. Lamia, the owner of Streeh guesthouse, additionally offers cooking classes to visitors, providing a fully immersive and authentic experience.

Cezar’s Projects introduced the first paragliding activity in the Shouf region, promoting adventure tourism in collaboration with Shouf Biosphere Reserve.

As part of its mission to empower the local community, Cezar’s Projects has developed a line of food products in collaboration with a licensed clinic, local families, and farmers. Cezar’s Projects has also supported several initiatives in concept creation to become sustainable projects with strong management models, including Shouf Highland, a sunset bar in Ainzhalta village, and Dar Leila, a guest table in Ain w Zein village.

Cezar’s Projects organizes experiential packages in the Shouf region that combine all of these initiatives with other local services and experiences.


Remittance & Digital Wallet / Beirut, Lebanon / Est. In 2021

Purpl is enabling financial inclusion through innovative remittance solutions and API technology, ATM network integration, cardless withdrawal, and a digital wallet platform for Lebanon’s unbanked population. The problem the company aims to solve is the lack of banking services in Lebanon due to the collapse of the banking sector, leaving a large population unbanked. This hinders financial access and stability, particularly as Lebanon heavily depends on remittances. The company’s vision is to democratize cross-border money transfers and enable financial access for all in Lebanon and the Levant region. Purpl solves the problem of limited financial access in Lebanon by connecting with global digital remittance players and enabling fee-free cash withdrawals in USD throughout the country without the need for a card or bank account. Purpl has been live since February 2023, after obtaining the required licenses from the Central Bank of Lebanon, with cash-out functionality and will launch in June 2023 additional features like QR code payments, peer-to-peer transfers, and cash-in options.


Wakilni is a leading e-commerce fulfillment partner for SMEs in Lebanon, providing end-to-end logistics services (first mile, warehousing, fulfillment, last mile, cash collection) through proprietary technology and superior customer service. We also empower SME companies with the data insights they need to understand their customers and market potential better, and further grow their businesses. Today, we are expanding our service offerings to include a SaaS Licensing model and Marketplace services in Lebanon and the MENA region. Founded in 2016, Wakilni today has a team of 190 dedicated members across four offices in Lebanon and has recently launched operations in Jordan, Cyprus, and UAE. Wakilni is planning to expand next into Bahrain.


Digital marketplace connecting agro-food businesses & freelance multinational experts.

Providing on-demand technical support to the agro-food industry including: access to information through an e-library and an e-shop,access to service providers,

and most importantly access to talent through a multinational network of freelancers covering a wide range of services, from R&D, to standardization, compliance, export-readiness, and much more.

This innovative solution is supporting the agri-food sector by providing unique services and freelance diversified expertise while assisting food manufacturers in reaching, understanding, and fulfilling the regulatory requirements, procedures, and certifications, with the following goals: 

Helping them get ready to comply with any local or international regulation and by that increase their chances in outer markets.

Helping them reduce rejections and complaints by improving the quality of their food products and by that improving their market positioning

Allowing them to access an online platform that helps them increase productivity by reducing wasted time and effort.

All that, through an online platform offering a dynamic, efficient, cost-effective, and fully accessible work environment, while creating more job opportunities for industry experts who will join this platform as freelancers.

HAQQ: Digitizing Justice

Imagine a world where everyone has access to justice, regardless of their income or location. A world where the legal system is more efficient and transparent. A world where lawyers can focus on providing high-quality legal services, without being bogged down by administrative tasks.

This is the world that HAQQ is building – Technology in Service of People.

HAQQ is more than just a legal tech startup. We’re building a global legal ecosystem that empowers lawyers to make the most of the digital age, offering a seamless legal experience that can be said to blend the productivity of traditional legal tech with the outreach of LinkedIn.

Powered by the MyHAQQ Virtual Office (the legal super app), clients and lawyers can find each other, communicate, sign agreements, and transact. Lawyers and firms can manage all aspects of their practice, from business development and outreach, monetized content creation, client communications, legal research, and case management to billing and accounting – all from one single experience. Lawyers have total control over their time, empowered by the data to make the right decisions.

Price-inclusive, localized, and easy to use – these are the core tenets of the HAQQ experience. We believe that technology has the power to make a positive impact on the world. And we’re committed to using our technology to make the legal system more accessible, efficient, and fair for everyone.

The Future of Legal is Digital

The legal industry is ripe for disruption. Traditional law firms are struggling to keep up with the demands of the digital age. HAQQ is leading the way in the transformation of the legal industry.

Are you ready to join us in building the future of legal?

YY ReGen

YY ReGen sal is an innovator in Agri-tech and renewable energy committed to transforming the way our customers’ ventures are powered, watered, and grown, with a focus on a more affordable, less pollutive, and more regenerative approach – partnering with our clients in creating a sustainable future in our beloved region. ReGen-R8, a project by YY ReGen, was created as the first cloud-based platform for the provision of on-demand renewable energy in the MENA region for remote areas. The platform operates via Energy as a Service model removing the high capital investment barrier, especially in regions where access to financing is challenging for small or medium farmers who form the majority of the agricultural community in the wider Middle East and the Global South. ReGen-R8 is ideal for businesses with seasonal variations in their energy requirements instead of relying on fossil fuel alternatives. Moreover, it is a one-stop shop platform for businesses that are looking to cut their operational costs while being conscious about their carbon footprint compared to traditional energy production sources.


Dense Lebanese cities desperately need innovative commuting solutions, especially with a lack of efficient public transport. Lebanon ranks among the lowest on the international transportation index, while efficient city mobility is the bedrock of a well-functioning society. Traffic causes 47% of the cities’ pollution, citizens waste 50% more time in traffic than required, and 80% are not adequately active, causing all kinds of health issues.

The alternative is cycling. It is emission-free, solves traffic and parking problems, and provides a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we brought knowledge from Lebanese and Dutch engineers together and developed Wave: a smart electric bicycle subscription service that offers a safe and efficient commute. The Wave bike and subscription are tailor-made to Lebanon’s climate, geography, and culture. Wave is available now in the first few Lebanese cities and expanding rapidly to enable all citizens to start cycling. Join us now via or the Wave app and start cycling for a better Lebanon!