A Trip Back in Time

Turkish-Arab Economic Forum

When Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal took the initiative and decided in 2005, to venture into Turkey, it certainly anticipated the positive outcomes of such a step, and yet the real outcome was beyond any expectation. Year after year, this forum has had an astounding impact on Turkish-Arab relations and has duly become the anticipated event of the region.

TAF in 2005 played the crucial role of enhancing Turkish-Arab relations, which were overdue for more than half a century. The years leading up to the 1st Turkish-Arab Economic Forum witnessed mutual estrangement and tension, until the tide began to shift and intentions for developing and improving relations manifested. Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Group having accurate insight took a groundbreaking step by organizing the first of its kind Turkish-Arab forum, attracting the highest level of Turkish and Arab participants onto one platform to debate most timely and relevant issues of the region.

TAF Partners & Sponsors

Over the years, 12 Turkish-Arab Economic Forums (TAF) and 2 Turkish-Arab Capital Markets Forums (TAF-CM) , succeeded in setting a trend of Turkish-Arab cooperation and played a key role in bringing together + 9000 prestigious participants, 10 Prime Ministers, 98 Ministers, +200 honorable speakers and +45 very satisfied sponsors.